Primary Schools

Extra-curricular clubs 

Create an inclusive sporting calendar to inspire children to get moving year-round.

Workload and a lack of expertise or confidence among teaching staff can hinder the provision of extra-curricular clubs.

Without access to high-quality school sport activities, pupils can become disengaged in physical activity, impacting their health, well-being and academic performance. 
Our extra-curricular programme offers your school a solution; the opportunity to create a year-round sporting calendar that motivates and inspires your pupils to take part in a variety of sports and activities.

Motivate and inspire pupils

An engaging, challenging, and rewarding extra-curricular programme that increases interest in clubs, improving the health and well-being of pupils, enhancing their competitive abilities, and improving academic achievement.

Reduce behaviour issues

Highly trained educators engage children in sports and physical activities during lunchtimes and before and after school, encouraging pupils to be active, stay fit and have fun, creating the added benefit of reducing behaviour issues during both curricular and extra-curricular time, leading to increased learning potential.

Reinforce school values

Reinforce your school’s core values, promote a healthy, active lifestyle, and encourage inter and intra-school competition.

Expertise and confidence

Highly skilled and experienced educators provide the necessary expertise to deliver premium clubs that engage and inspire all pupils.

Bespoke programmes

Choose from a range of sports and activities to tailor your extra-curricular programme to the specific needs and interests of your school and pupils.

Year-round support

Ensure pupils have access to quality sports and physical activities throughout the academic year to help keep children motivated and engaged in physical activity, promoting a lifelong love of sport and physical activity.

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