Primary Schools

PlayMaker Award 

Engage more pupils across the whole school in physical activity.

Transform pupils’ playtime with a one-day course that teaches children to lead a variety of games and activities.

Breaktime can be crucial for children to achieve their 60 minutes of daily physical activity. But with a lack of active play at break and lunchtime this opportunity is being missed and behaviour issues are arising.

Developed by Sports Leaders UK and delivered by our expert educators, the PlayMaker Award introduces pupils to leadership, giving them the knowledge, skills and confidence to set up and lead a variety of games and activities.

Learn to set up and lead a variety of games and activities.

Improve communication skills.

Learn how to motivate peers.

Develop key leadership skills.

Become a mentor for other pupils.

Develop teamwork skills.

Improve organisational skills.

Advance problem-solving skills.

Grow in confidence and self-esteem.

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