Primary Schools

PPA cover 

Rewarding learning experiences that promote pupils’ physical development, overall well-being and academic success.

Unlocking the full potential of both teachers and pupils is crucial for success in the classroom.

That's why dedicated PPA time is so vital, it gives teachers the space they need to plan, prepare, and assess so they can perform at their best, meaning pupils experience a more engaging learning environment that encourages growth and achievement. PPA time cannot be an afterthought. Effective use of PPA time is in line with the curriculum, ensures pupil progress, and increases engagement and attainment.
As the leading provider of PPA solutions in the Midlands, we are committed to delivering the highest quality PE lessons that meet the needs of all learners.

Cost-effective and high-quality PPA cover

Reliable PPA cover that meets the needs of your school and your pupils.

Inclusive approach

Engage all pupils in high-quality learning and PE lessons, providing a supportive learning environment that fosters their curiosity, creativity, and teamwork skills.

Skilled and qualified educators

Highly skilled and qualified sports and physical activity educators, ensuring that your pupils receive a reliable and education-focused service that improves their skills and confidence.

Best practice guidance

Follow best practice guidance on the effective use of agencies in PE and school sport.

Engaging and rewarding learning experiences

Engaging, challenging, and rewarding learning experiences that promote pupils’ physical development and overall well-being.

Inspiring physical activity

Passionate about inspiring children to develop a love of physical activity, promoting healthy habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.

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