Aspire Active Education's fun and engaging wraparound solution for your school.

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Aspire Active Education's fun and engaging Aspire Kids Club in your school!

Welcome to Aspire Kids Club, where we thrive on building a supportive, engaging, and caring environment for children of all backgrounds.

Our primary focus is to provide an enriching wraparound service that encompasses the various aspects of every child's development.


Aspire Kids Club: More than just a wraparound service.

At Aspire Kids Club, we prioritise:

Physical and mental well-being: 

Encouraging sports and activities that develop coordination, strength, and discipline, while also nurturing emotional development and resilience.

Wide-ranging activities: 

Catering to different interests, abilities, and backgrounds, promoting inclusivity and encouraging children to explore their full potential.

Flexible scheduling: 

Customisable schedules that accommodate the needs of modern families and school schedules.

OFSTED accreditation: 

Upholding the highest standards of care and building trust with parents, teachers, and children.


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