Active Camps Parents Guide
Active Camps Parents Guide MOB

Thank you for choosing Aspire Active Camps as your childcare provider this school holiday.

Our mission at Active Camps is to ensure that your child’s experience is fun and memorable. We have put together the following information to make your experience as enjoyable as theirs.


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Who are Aspire Active Camps? 🏀

Aspire Active Camps are part of the Aspire Group, providers of first class physical activity programmes throughout the Midlands. Established in 2008, Aspire Active Camps are recognised as a leading provider of Ofsted registered school holiday childcare in the West Midlands. With the aim to provide high-quality sport and activity focused childcare, Active Camps is an affordable, flexible and safe solution.

What happens at registration? 🗒️

The registration area is signposted at each Active Camp venue (you can also see the detailed venue information at the end of this guide). Drop-off is between 8am and 9.30am during which time children can partake in a range of activities. Your selected academy will start at 9.30am. Our camp coordinator will be at the sign-in desk to ensure your child is signed in and to answer any questions you may have. Contact-free sign in and out will take place using the Active Camps App, please make sure you know the 5 digit pin you set up on your account. If another adult will be collecting your child please inform the coordinator and ensure the adult collecting your child knows your pin code. If you need to collect before the expected sign out time, please let the coordinator know. Once your child is signed in, a member of the team will show you where to leave any bags and coats.

Collecting your child early?

If you need to pick your child up before 4pm, please ensure that the coordinator is made aware of this at registration as to comply with the Ofsted regulations our gates/doors remain locked until 4pm.

What happens during Active Camps? 🕛

A typical day at Aspire Active Camps follows this format:

At 9:30 am, the camp coordinator welcomes all the children and introduces some simple rules. The children are then divided into their chosen academies, where the academy lead introduces the day's activities. If your child is part of the Multisports Academy, you can find the weekly timetable on the venue page of our website: We aim to conduct our activities outdoors whenever possible, but this is subject to weather conditions.

The children have regular breaks for snacks and drinks at the following times:
Morning snack: 11:15 am - 11:30 am
Lunch: 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Afternoon break: 2:30 pm - 2:45 pm

The children are also encouraged to refill their water bottle throughout the day to remain hydrated.

Before eating and drinking, all children and team members will wash their hands.

Organised activities end at 3:45 pm, at which time the children gather for an end-of-day presentation. Children are then collected at 4pm, unless they are staying for Xtra Time. Upon arrival, all parents should proceed directly to the collection desk to sign out their child(ren).

What should my child bring? 🎒

As your child will be active and running around for most of the day, they will need to bring the following:

  • A refillable bottle – water is available at all our sites
  • A packed lunch – please avoid sending your child to camp with nuts or any items that could contain nuts (please note we cannot refrigerate any food items)
  • Healthy snacks – as well as lunchtime, your child will have two breaks throughout the day to have a snack
  • Sun cream – to help avoid sunburn in the summer months we ask you to provide your child with sun cream and ensure they know how to apply it
  • Clothing – we advise that you send your child with an additional set of clothing, just in case! All equipment is provided however if your child is attending the football/hockey/rugby/cricket academy, please ensure they bring the correct equipment for the relevant sports (i.e. shin pads, gum shield, protective box).

What NOT to bring

  • Please avoid bringing any nuts or items containing nuts
  • Mobile phones, tablets and all other electronic items - we will be too busy to need them!
  • Sports equipment - we will provide this
  • Any valuables, such as watches or jewellery

What should my child wear? 👕

As we will be running around and taking part in physical activity, we suggest they wear loose, comfortable clothing and correct footwear that is appropriate to the weather and the activity they are taking part in.

What happens if my child has a medical condition? 💊

We want to make sure we give you and your child the best and safest experience possible while at an Active Camp. To make this happen, we need to be aware of any pre-existing medical conditions and any additional information when you make the booking. If your child requires medication during their day at camp, please bring this to the attention of the camp coordinator upon arrival as you are required to complete a short Administrating Medication Form. All information regarding your child’s medical needs will be treated in the strictest confidence.

What if my child becomes ill? 🤒

If your child becomes unwell during their time at Active Camps, we will ensure that they are comfortable and will contact you to collect them from camp early, as we do not have the facilities to care for unwell children for an extended period of time.

If your child has been sick, we do ask that they are kept away from camp for 24 hours after the end of their symptoms.

What happens if my child has an accident? 🤕

All our Active Camps team members are trained first aiders, so you can rest assured that your child is in safe hands should an accident occur. We will deal with any minor accidents on site and your child will be given a sticker to wear for being brave. The accident will be recorded on the Active Camps App, which will be shared with you upon collection of your child that will need you to check and sign.

If there has been a more serious incident or your child has fallen ill, you will be contacted by telephone immediately.

What if my child’s behaviour is inappropriate? 😠

At Active Camps, we encourage and reward positive behaviour and deal with inappropriate behaviour firmly and fairly. We have the Active Camps Code of Behaviour on display at all times, and our team will explain to the children what is expected of them throughout the day regarding behaviour. Any behavioural problems will be dealt with as they arise, but in serious or persistent cases you will be contacted.

If your child has any additional requirements or needs, please do let us know as we want every child to have the best possible time with us. All disclosures will be dealt with the strictest confidence.

What happens in Xtra Time? ⏱️

At some of our camps, children can attend Xtra Time for up to two hours per day and during this time can partake in a range of activities. The team will arrange a selection of games for the children such as table tennis, circle games, bowling, etc. They are also given the opportunity to relax in a quiet zone with colouring, Lego and board games.

What happens if I’m late picking up my child? 🕞

We understand that sometimes you may be running a little late, don’t panic. Just contact the Active Camps coordinator on the number provided on the contact card and let them know. If you are unable to contact them on the mobile, please call the office on 0121 663 1979 and we will be able to help.

Please note that unfortunately due to staffing, a small charge will be incurred for delays of more than 15 minutes after the pre-booked collection time. For more information on this, see our Terms and Conditions.

Collecting your child early?

If you need to pick your child up before 4pm, please ensure that the coordinator is made aware of this at registration as to comply with the Ofsted regulations our gates/doors remain locked until 4pm.

Is Aspire Active Camps Ofsted registered? ✅

All our venues are registered with Ofsted and the Active Camps team endeavour to keep our high standards. The Ofsted registration number for your chosen venue is provided below in the venue specific information.

Do you accept childcare vouchers? 🎟️

Yes, we do! As an Ofsted registered provider, we can offer this excellent benefit. To book using childcare vouchers just follow our simple online booking process and select the ‘pay by childcare voucher’ option at the payment page. If you need any assistance, call our office and a member of our team will be able to help you.


For venue specific details please view our venues

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