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Jump in and empower the next generation of swimmers in your school!

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Experience Swim:ED's innovative approach to school swimming - a programme tailored specifically for primary schools like yours. Say goodbye to lost learning time and hello to improved swimming proficiency.

Our convenient pop-up pool is installed and managed right on your school site, providing high-quality swimming lessons for your students.

Start your school's swimming journey.

We understand the challenges faced by primary schools when it comes to providing effective swimming provision. Recent statistics paint a concerning picture - a 2021 Sport England study revealed that one in four children could not swim 25 meters upon leaving primary school. Without prompt intervention, this figure could rise to 60% of children unable to swim by 2025.

How Swim:ED addresses your concerns.

No more missed lessons.

Say farewell to interrupted learning with Swim:ED's on-site pool

Ease budget strains

Swim:ED presents a cost-effective solution for your school's swimming needs.

Quality of teaching

Our experienced instructors deliver high-quality lessons tailored to your students.

Staffing pressures

Swim:ED takes care of staffing, ensuring a smooth swimming programme.

Pool closures and limited availability

Freedom from scheduling conflicts - No more clashes with Swim:ED's dedicated pool on your premises.

Extended pool time

Enjoy greater flexibility and increased water time with Swim:ED's on-site pool.

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Swim:ED is not just another programme, but an effort to reshape school swimming lessons.

Our program, rooted in passion, and dedication, offers premium lessons tailored to your school and students' unique needs. With Swim:ED's programme, students’ progress is tracked via our user-friendly portal. We provide assessments and reports, assisting your school in achieving its core swimming curriculum goals, decreasing missed learning opportunities and increasing students' water confidence.

How Swim:ED helps.

Swim:ED is here to revolutionise school swimming lessons. Our programme is designed with passion, offering high-quality lessons tailored to your school and pupils needs. With Swim:ED's programme, progress and attainment are tracked through our user-friendly portal. We provide assessments and reports, helping your school meet its core swimming curriculum goals while reducing lost learning time and boosting pupils' confidence in the water.

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"Swim:ED has been a game-changer for our swimming program. They've provided our pupils the platform to blossom in the water. Can't recommend them enough!"

"Swim:ED has revolutionised swimming lessons at Timberley Primary Academy, saving us logistical challenges and assisting Year 6 attendance. With improved swimming skills and heightened water safety awareness, the impact on our children is beyond measure.”

"Ever since partnering with Swim:ED, our pupils' swimming skills have improved massively. Their tailored approach truly makes the difference!"

'The progress made by the children and the confidence they had in the water was more than we could have hoped for. All of the children loved the sessions and the small group numbers meant that lessons were individualised. The sessions ran smoothly with no disruption to the rest of the school.''

“Swimming progress and attainment have improved at an incredible rate during the 6 weeks that the pop-up pool was on site. Our pupils have all developed their resilience and perseverance as well as their swimming skills for life.”

"I loved swimming and the teachers were so nice. They told us what we needed to improve, and helped us do this each lesson."


If you’re interested in learning more about Swim:ED, complete the form below to speak to one of our team.

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